Prophecy Chirp Featured Deal & Quest Special

To celebrate the launch of Omens, the final book in The Sylvalla Chronicles, Prophecy is rocking a 99c Chirp Featured Deal this November—and up until December 5.

And to celebrate, I’ve also put Quest on special to 3.99




& Spotify apparently, but I can’t find it!

Prophecy audiobook with tentacled monster erupting from a crack in the ground and an evil mage calling forth the monster, hands in air, cloak flying. In the foreground is Sylvalla, sword in hand, confronting the emerging tentacled monster.

I hope you enjoy! Americans can check out the whole series on Chirp below and enjoy the massive savings of this Prophecy Chirp Featured Deal. But even if you’re not from the U.S. you can still check out the over 140 reviews of Quest, on Chirp here, because it is my most popular platform and then discover the series on your favourite platform.

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Happy listening,

three audio covers Quest with Sylvalla facing a dragon, Prophecy with Sylvalla facing a tentacled horror emerging from a crack in the earth in a green-lit cave with a powerful mage summoning it, arms outstretched. And Omens, Sylvalla facing a giant evil butterfly over a burning city. 
"Series: The Sylvalla Chronicles" average raging 4.5 (146 ratings) Image also shows special pricing through November 2022 of $3.99 for Quest, .99c for Prophecy as a Chirp Featured Deal and Omens launch pricing of 4.99.


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