The Cat is Out of the Bag – Four New Covers for Dragon Shifters Hoard

Okay, wait no. The cat is still in the bag…

Look at Maisie, she’s so cute.

Anyway, what was I saying?

Eileen Mueller and I have revealed four gorgeous covers—all for one series.

FOUR! Yes, you heard right.

That’s because I have another announcement.

We’ve commissioned stunning new art for three very special edition covers and some exciting additions to the original series that will be exclusive to Kickstarter.

Take a gander at the gorgeous covers that have Zeph and Dante’s stamp of approval! And if you follow the project on this link and you’ll be the first to receive a glimpse of the Dragon Shifters Hoard when it goes live.

And so where’s that fourth cover?

Well it’s the long-hidden Amazon cover for book 3


In order to produce the new special editions, we’ve had to take the series out of Kindle Unlimited for the time being. This means we’ve had to delay our Amazon pre-order.

We’ve decided to give a bonus gift to any of our loyal readers who’ve already pre-ordered on Amazon. We’ll give you details of how to claim that gift in the next week or two.

In the meantime, hop over to Kickstarter and click the green button so you can be among the first to see what we’re about to reveal…

Happy reading 🙂

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