Dragon Shifters’ Hoard has become a Kickstarter “Project We Love”

Wow! Eileen and I have been blown away! Kickstarter has awarded Dragon Shifters’ Hoard a “Projects we love” badge, which is really cool.

Thank you!

Yes, it’s thanks to you, our amazing readers, who’ve supported us in this journey that the project is taking off and people are discovering the secret world of the Dragon Shifters’ Hoard. A Red and Snow have been protected from. A world that not even their ice and fire powers can save them from. A world of dragon shifters, mages and deadly fae.

So far, anyone who has pledged has unlocked these extras:

  • 3 cool  digital books (see the graphic below)
  • Extra Dragon Shifters’ Hoard digital wallpaper (everyone who pledges gets Draki Twins wallpaper, as well)
  • Stretch reward 1: Snow and Red’s favorite recipes in the back of the print books and ebooks
  • Stretch reward 2: Special chapter headings in the print books with Draki Twins artwork.
  • Stretch reward 3: coming soon, and it’s a nice one!

If you pledge between now and midnight 3 Feb 2023 NZ time (6am 3 Feb EST), you’ll receive the 3 digital books – Eileen Mueller’s Call of the Sea and the audio story of Dad’s Wisdom and a copy of my Quest!

You’ll also receive any other free books we give away during the rest of the campaign!

How’s that?!

Kickstarter is a great pre-order service because we get to give you lots of cool goodies! Again and again! 🙂

Have your Say

We have 2 versions of the special chapter headings unlocked in stretch goal 2. Have your say by commenting on this Kickstarter update and telling us which one you like best!

Dragonshifters’ Hoard Kickstarter link!

Dante and Zephyr Draki are dragon shifter teen twins who’ve lost everything.

When they meet two stunning sisters with elemental powers, sparks fly. The good type of sparks!

But the twins don’t dare trust girls who can shoot fire and ice, afraid they’re mages out to steal the dragon shifters’ hoard and destroy Pinevale.

The Dragon Shifters’ Hoard is rife with sizzling attraction, mistrust and dangerous political intrigue.

Join the Draki Twins on Kickstarter!

Pop over and download the free sample of the revised edition of book one!

Eileen Mueller and I would love to see you over there!

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