Be quick and pick up your Dragon Shifters’ Hoard books & swag on Kickstarter

Only three days left to go on the Dragon Shifters’ Hoard Kickstarter campaign, means there’s only three more days to get your hands on the exclusive Dragon Shifters’ Hoard books and swag!

First up we have a fantastic surprise for hitting our mini flash goal of $5400 in 24 hours—digital character cards.

And yes, we’d love to make these cards physical realities, too. But first we’re aiming for a stretch goal of 6,000 so we can create dust jackets designed by Christian Bentulan for all our hardbacks.

We’re just a few dollars away!

And then we’ll be looking to send not only a physical postcards out to all our backers who’ve asked for physical books or all the ebooks and the digital art pack, but there will be another surprise goal.

Pledge now before its too late, and you’ll also get these amazing ebooks by some of my favourite authors!

  • Ruby Dragon by Eileen Mueller
  • OG-Grim-Dog by Jamie Edmunson
  • Heir of Madness by T.L. Branson (co-founder of Indie Fantasy Addicts)
  • Dough Boy by Becky James
  • Wolf’s Quest by Hannah Steenbock

Thank you for dropping by to discover the Dragon Shifters’ Hoard books and swag, tomorrow I’ll tell you about some exciting new developments and more swag coming the way of people who pledge.

But why wait? Pledge for your copies today.


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