New Release — Dante and Red Dragon Shifters Hoard 3

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I’m celebrating the release of Dante and Red, the third and final novel in the Dragon Shifters’ Hoard series. I’m still buzzing. Dante and Red was only released a couple of days ago and Eileen Mueller and I are getting some fabulous feedback from readers, it’s been a joy.

There’s so much reading in this one, you’re going to love it, too. Dante, Red, Snow and Zeph have arrived back home. They’re still in trouble with the law, and about to face an epic showdown with the fate of the world in their hands. Deadly fae and rogue mages have patiently plotted for centuries to capture the Dragon Shifters Hoard and the Shifters of Pinevale to gain the power they need.

And our heroes will soon discover who is friend and who is foe, as betrayal lurks around every corner.

The Blurb:

When Dante falls for a glamoured Fae, Red is heartbroken. Powerless, dragon shifters Snow and Zeph can’t do anything to save him. Dante is shackled by the Fae’s enchantment and drawn deep into dire plans to subvert the world. Their homes, families, and the survival of shifters and mages are at stake. Everything they love—is on line.
But Dante is oblivious, a weapon of destruction in Fae hands.
If you love explosive attraction, dragon shifters and danger, dive into this fiery tale today.

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Picture is of fiery red-head cuddling her dragon shifter boyfriend with a flame-lit alley in the background.

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