April Book Promotions – including free books and a chance to win

As April is drawing to a close and Winter approaches (Or summer for all you Northern hemisphere people!) It’s time to be looking for some great sci fi and fantasy reads to relax to.

Get in quick because here’s your chance to discover some great books and the awesome authors who write them. And there’s also a chance to win.

First up, we’re looking at epic…

Time to find a new series: Epic Fantasy Binge!
April 1-30
Woman holding the lightning and standing in water.
(Not something I'd advise!!!!)
Epic Fantasy Adventure
Image of: Mountains, a waterfall and an adventurer
Young Adult Fantasy Reads

Now it’s time to check out the freebies

Speculative Fiction Fest, all genres of Speculative fiction - Free books April 1-30
Enter  for a chance to win $25
Image of an adventurer looking out of a cathedral window set in a rough-hewn cave.
Worlds of Wonder- Free ebooks for sci-fi and fantasy lovers
Person standing in what looks to be an enderwater landscape full of exploding jellyfish!
Swords, Sorcery and Adventure.
Image of a woman holding a sword
Epic and High Fantasy Free Book Giveaway
Image of a leather clad thief with a castle and a smoggy city in the distance.

I hope you enjoyed all that and made the most of all the free books and a chance to win!

Of course you can always pick up my free books at your favourite estore at https://books.ponderbooks.com/ and join my email to get a selection of promotions every month at https://dashboard.mailerlite.com/forms/27653/76538592184239158/share

Happy Reading


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