Secret Project Update

It’s been a week of cutting vines and getting stuck into the top secret book I’ve been writing with a very talented award winning author. (No, it’s not Eileen Mueller!)

Anyway, now I’m near the end of my last big edit, I’m starting to feel emotionally attached to the characters, so much so that simply back-filling one of the characters saying, “And it won’t happen unless they really deserve it,” made me tear up.

One day soon I’m hoping I’ll be able to lift a lid on the secret project, but until then what can I say? That despite the fact we started this story around two decades ago, the story elements are  quirky and original, even after all these years. It helps that the world’s been built from the ground up by me and the best world-builder I know. I just think that when a world has been built like that, it’s something special and shines through into the story, just like Tolkien’s attention to the details of his world shone through with Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit.

The plot’s exciting and absolutely culturally relevant in this moment—despite the fact that the world it’s set in is very different from our own and the technology level is more that of pre World War 1.

And yes, there’s magic…even if our heroes wouldn’t call it that!

A.J. Ponder

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