The Kobo Summer Reading Challenge

I was online the other day, and happened upon great news for my American and Canadian readers. The Kobo Summer Reading Challenge is about to happen—just sign up on the Kobo website by June the first, read at least three books and you’ll be in the draw to win: a Kobo Sage, Kobo stylus, and $500 worth of Kobo eGift Cards.

This looks like a fun event, and a good excuse to get reading. (As if I need one!) In fact I’m very sad that it does not seem to be available in Britain or New Zealand. Maybe next time!

This prize challenge is also available in Canada at

And of course, lots of my books are available through Kobo:

Terry Pratchett meets Tolkien, The Sylvalla Chronicles is a must-read
fast-paced adventure and a loving satirical tribute to many old fantasy favorites.

★★★★★ “What a brilliant read! The wit! I really enjoyed the story and
the characters, but I LOVED the humour and clever prose.” Galaxie

Happy reading!


To find out more about my books go to: or discover Blood of the Fae here, or the Sylvalla Chronicles here.

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