Smashwords Annual Summer/Winter Sale and other promos

First up, now is your best chance to find my (not quite) entire ebook collection for a promotional price at Smashwords Annual Summer/Winter Sale!

And the great thing is, I’m not the only author having huge specials on this enormous ebook platform. It’s definitely the season to find some great reads! 🙂

Check out my books at

Smashwords July summer/winter ebook sale

There’s also a great range of short fantasy just below, with two Kindle Unlimited collections and two free fantasy giveaway promotions. So quick! Now’s the time to grab some books. 🙂

Clean Fantasy in an Hour or less
Image is a pretty evening blue with a tilted eggtimer and a dragon hovering over a sparkling river.

Kindle Unlimited

Unlimited clean Fantasy - image has a dragon flying over a castle
Fantasy Worlds Free in KU

Fantastic Free Fantasy

Fantastic Free Fantasy ebooks
Sci Fi and Fantasy giveaways

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