The amazing authors participating in this year’s August Fantasy Fair have been so, so generous for this international giveaway run on Instagram!

There are 34 books up for grabs in this giveaway and for this reason, we’ve decided to offer more opportunities for you to win! 

 How the prize pool will work:1 winner will get to choose 10 books from this amazing collection of fantasy reads

4 more winners will be able to choose 6 books each! Enter here:  

The winnings

Signed paperbacks:

Reign of Shadows, Blood of Vengeance, Beyond the Shadows by Angel Haze 
The Girl of Dorcha Wood by Kristin Ward Magic Today by Anna McCluskey 
Divinity’s Twilight: Rebirth by Christopher Russell 

Signed hardcover:

A Dream so Wicked by Tessonja Odette 

Unsigned paperbacks:

Hills of Heather and Bone by K.E. Andrews 
The Quarter Mage by Angelina J Steffort 
A Drop of Magic by Janna Ruth 
Healer’s Blade by Kyrie Wang 
The Apprentice Storyteller by Astrid V.J. 


The Serpentine Throne by Susan Stradiotto 
Into Faerland and The Secret Story by AJ Ponder  
Bewilderness by Kevin Cox 
Bound by Dragons and Enchanting the Dryad Prince by Alisha Klapheke 
For Evergreens and Aspen Trees by A.L. Lorensen 
Madelyn of the Sky: Stones & Swords, Madelyn of the Sky: Skyships & Sisters  and Madelyn of the Sky: Fire & Frostburn by Jonathon Mast 
Deathborn and Song of Sorrow by C.E. Page 
Immortal Voices: Secrets & Shadows by Jo Holloway 
Night’s Reign by Daan Katz Dragonriders of Fiorenza box set by Melinda R. Cordell The Never Mage by Angelina J Steffort 
Rowan: The Lochlann Feuds complete box set by Robin D. Mahle & Elle Madison  
Johara’s Choice, Elisabeth & Edvard’s World box set of fairytale retellings (5 novels), It’s a Bear’s Life: That’s no Picnic, and The Histories of Haldria collection, 10 books by Astrid V.J.
Enchanted Forests: A Magical Collection of Short Stories by Multiple authors  

Head over to to enter this giveaway now! You’ll also discover more about the authors and the books! #AstridsAugustFantasyFair

And if you’re an Instagram person my account is:

And for anyone not on Instagram, my previous post, here, has links to the hand-picked books that Astrid has chosen for the fair.

Happy reading,


PS you can find out more about my book Into FaerLand here:

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