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“Writing is about fun. Reading doubly so.”

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A.J. Ponder's Sir Julius Vogel Award.
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USA Today bestselling author, and winner of the WrightMurray Residency 2021, A.J. Ponder (BSc, Dip Teach) is the author of numerous novels and short stories including the award winning Frankie and the Netball Clone, Dying for the Record, The Sylvalla Chronicles, Wizard’s Guide to Wellington and more.

A.J. lives in a hundred year old house overlooking Wellington harbour with three cats and a family all obsessed with games, books and dungeons and dragons. A.J. has a head full of monsters, and recklessly spills them onto the written page. Beware dragons, dreadbeasts, taniwha, and small children—all are equally dangerous, and capable of treading on your heart—or tearing it, still beating, from your chest.

An Affliction of Poetry

A.J. has never got the hang of blogging, despite having a blog and a site dedicated to poetry. Although, to be honest, it would be inadvisable to visit a poetry blog in case you meet a stray Vogon. http://anafflictionofpoetry.blogspot.co.nz

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A.J. Ponder - monstrous. 
Picture of a Dodo - but please imagine it's another large extinct bird, like the Haast Eagle or a moa! For A.J's story "The Secret Child"

Monstrous – Cryptozoological Tales “The Forgotten World,” is an action adventure set in 1920’s New Zealand. It’s based on high-adventure stories like Arthur Conan Doyle’s “The Lost World” and is in fact (believe it or not) the inspiration for his insights on cryptozoology.

Discover a terrifying slice of ancient New Zealand before it is hidden away from the outside world forever.

The Secret Child by  USA Today Bestselling author  A.J. Ponder/

Black book cover with a sword and interlocked writing.

The Secret Child free for people who sign up to my newsletter, and on your favourite e-retailer etc here (if it isn’t free on Amazon, please complain!) or book funnel here

Young Jonathan Goodfellow and his father set out to rescue children from slavers with the help of the Bairnsley University underground. Things go from bad to impossible when a raiding party of thurgles – huge giant-like creatures – and their hellhounds get there first. Then the Bairnsley University wizards fail to arrive. Will the Goodfellows save the children? Or will Jonathan become a slave himself?

Read The Secret Child today! The fate of the world depends on it…

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