What I’m Reading Now

This page is going to be updated with the books I’m reading now. Well, at least some of the time. I will avoid the many DNF’s. That’s “Did Not Finish” for people who like me had never heard of such a thing. Until recently there were very few books I wouldn’t finish once I’d got past the first page. It would take a lot to have me throw the book across the room—and even then I’d usually pick it back up again. Not now. I’m spoiled for choice. So, if a book doesn’t catch my fancy, it’s brutally put aside.

So with no further ado, the list is starting…with the most recent books at the top.

Witchnapped in Westerham by Dionne Lister (Free, Amazon):

This book was surprisingly fun. A coffee-addicted 24 year old photographer discovers their older brother has disappeared…oh, and by the way you’re a witch.


“Fall in love with squirrel-loving Lily as she helps the PIB investigate witch crime in England.”

And I did. The writing was fun and upbeat, all while Lilly managed to get herself into deeper and deeper trouble. And her secret witch skill…she will have to figure it out, but electronics are a real nightmare, and her camera is being very weird.

Anyway, I enjoyed it, and if you love modern witchy fiction crossed with a little cosy mystery/suspense I think you’ll love it too.

Buried Magic by TJ Green (Free, Wide):

Oh no, this was such a fun story, but it ended on cliffhanger….still, I won’t hold that against TJ because it was a great free sample and a fun light read. And all TJ’s other books are complete reads.

I very much enjoyed this modern take, especially discovering what jobs the witches had in “the real world”

Also I found it very humorous, that even as the adventure and danger ramped up, all the characters were extremely handsome, or pretty.  Even the bad guy.

I was quickly led to the conclusion that witchcraft in TJ’s universe must keep a person pretty. And it’s not the only modern story with this trope. Maybe it’s reactionary against all the old tropes of old women and cats…

And did I mention there were two cats mentioned…I’m hoping they have a bigger role in the sequel!

Great series. Really enjoyed the humour. The story arc has moved from being a band of misfits getting into hijinks, to adventurers exploring a world that is increasingly reminiscent of Tolkien’s—while also being quirky and original. That’s thanks to the powerful wizards whose mad lust for power becomes a little more prominent and world-threatening as the series goes on, so the adventurers are going to need all the help they can get.

I loved this story about a girl and her dragon…which must be kept hidden at all costs.

Mirren Calia has just the right level of audacity and common sense for me to want her to succeed, although I could never quite get why she was so scared of her father—apart from him being grumpy about dragons and not wanting them near his family. But it did create some nice tension.

A great adventure with twists and turns and high danger as the young heroine fights to save her dragon’s life.

Two very enjoyable books. The first is for people who enjoy a little dystopia in their fantasy/science fiction—and good amounts of twists and turns in the plot. The main character, like in most YA, needs to save the world with their pluck, ingenuity and good-heartedness. And it works. Lovely book. 🙂 The second — Empire of Silence — is perfect for hard core sci fi fans looking for a bit of epic worldbuilding not dissimilar to Dune. 🙂

The first two (below), are books friends and fans have been bugging me to read.

The everything winner “All Systems Red” from the Murderbot Diaries and New York Times Bestselling author, or whatever, Sarah J Mas’ “Throne of Glass”

To be fair to this one, it’s good. It’s really good. The writing is fantastic, and the main character is great, a cyborg type thing who has broken their programming and become a rogue unit. It’s compelling reading. But the unit was knocked out [taken offline] one too many tines for me to desperately want to cough up the $NZ 8+ for each of the books in the rest of the series. Being a cash-strapped author, I’m holding out for a value box-set deal. 🙂

Honestly, I’m part way through this one, and I wouldn’t normally read it, assuming it’s fantasy romance. But the book’s pacing so far has been excellent (with absolutely no romance yet). I’m intrigued to know what is going to happen to the thief, sorry, assassin. And more than that, as a professional, I can see other people have kind of taken some of the ideas and tried to imitate the style, and failed. So it’s really interesting to see the original and how it works.

That’s all there is for now. I’ve got some older reading to fill in – it’s going to be transferred from my blog. 🙂 Here.

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