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The gift that keeps on giving.

There are so many great platforms you might review on already, or want to try out including, GoodReads, Amazon and LibraryThing.

Let me tell you all about them and why I love reviews.

It’s a badly kept secret in the publishing industry that authors live or die on reviews. And while the best reviews for me are available on Amazon and Goodreads, there’s a little used platform that’s also great for serious readers.

It’s called LibraryThing and I love it. It’s kind of weird and some people might find the predictive algorithms a bit intrusive, but I love the way it predicts what books I’m going to like so accurately.

That is why, for reviewers, I’m happy to provide free copies of books that have taken me literally years to write. Not just the usual free books, but new books, and any of my older catalogue that are short of reviews.

The Sylvalla Chronicles

Weird and Wonderful

Middle Grade
Creating Tomato Monsters project by young scientist

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