The Sylvalla Chronicles

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“Fantasy humor with a Pythonesque flair” Guy Worthey, Amazon

“Set in the style of Terry Pratchett, the humor was great. It turns fantasy cliches on their head.” The Qwillery

The Secret Child - has a sword on it.

This is not fantasy humor, it's a short story. And Sylvalla, the princess is barely in it, so nobody is sure why it is here — except the author insisted.

The Secret Child must be rescued from slavers tonight—or the consequences will be dire.

Young Jonathan Goodfellow and his father set out to rescue children from slavers with the help of the Bairnsley University underground. Things go from bad to impossible when a raiding party of thurgles – huge giant-like creatures – and their hell hounds get there first. Then the Bairnsley University wizards fail to arrive.

Will the Goodfellows save the children? Or will Jonathan become a slave himself?

Read The Secret Child today! The fate of the world depends on it…

ProphecyThe Sylvalla Chronicles

Prophecy: The Sylvalla Chronicles

Sylvalla faces down a magician calling up a great evil - again she only has a sword while facing down geometry that would terrify Lovecraft himself.

After the death of her father, Princess Sylvalla swears revenge. An oath the wizards Capro and Jonathan fear will unleash terrible power. Sylvalla has no time for their prophecies, she must take up the mantle of Queen and save Avondale- but first she must survive the coronation.

Princess Sylvalla has faced dragons and proven herself a hero—but her greatest trials are about to begin. Phetero, the king she accidentally kidnapped, is determined to have vengeance—and the threat of marriage to Prince Francis looms. Francis may be sweet, have proven he can draw swords from stones, and be the only prince in all the Seven Kingdoms who will have her, but Sylvalla is not the marrying type.

Terrifying as it is, the threat of marriage is soon the least of Sylvalla’s problems as King Phetero’s grudge turns from war into something more sinister.

The prophecies are dire, but what help can they be against the ancient horror King Phetero plans to unleash?

Quest: The Sylvalla Chronicles
Fantasy humor
Sylvalla, the princess, faces down a dragon larger than a castle with only a sword

Sylvalla escapes Avondale castle and the life of a princess, in search of the adventure she’s always wanted – but once found, adventure bites back.

Fortunately, she is not alone. Unfortunately, her new-found companions are less than heroic. Jonathan would rather make money. Dirk would rather live a long and happy life. And at 150, old Capro would rather stop gallivanting, and harangue unsuspecting wizardry students about his glory days over a nice cup of tea.

Quest has everything—heroes, monsters, chases, escapes and a complete lack of true love. (See bookplate below)

OmensThe Sylvalla Chronicles

Omens: The Sylvalla Chronicles

Sylvalla faces her most terrifying foe yet, the chaos of butterflies.

Roll over physicists, forget about geometry, there's a new big bad in fantasy humor

I’ve seen a thousand futures, a million deaths. Avondale will fall.”

Sylvalla would rather fight dragons than deal with politics. But as the unexpected queen of two kingdoms, her newfound power is making the neighbouring kings nervous. One by one, the kings fall for Sir Arrant’s offers of power and the beguiling butterfly jewels he offers in exchange for their alliance.

Determined to save her kingdom, Sylvalla is willing to try anything, including diplomacy. Only there is little time, and her dying mother, Tishke, has an important warning, “The demons are here. They have your brother.”

Meanwhile, back in Bairnsley University, the wizard Jonathan and his father discover the evil Dothie has freed the Nameless Gods—gods that are determined to destroy the one person that stands in their way… 


With the Seven Kingdoms turned against her, can Sylvalla save Avondale? Can she save her people, her brother, or even herself, from the demons who would possess them all?

Pick up the series today + the FREE short story prequel The Secret Child and you may discover fantasy humor in the same way that I’ve discovered SEO.

The Sylvalla Chronicles series.
All the other pictures of Sylvalla facing down evil threats with a sword - but in one banner. 

Fantasy humor, apparently, if young women facing down existential threats can be found to be funny.
Old Mr Goodfellow has a sense of fantasy humor that is best served with tea and leeches.

Love fantasy humour? Maybe a little satire? Then don’t wait, read The Sylvalla Chronicles, today. (And grab your free bookplate by clicking on the picture and downloading the print-quality PDF)

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