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The epic fantasy satire Sylvalla Chronicles is now available in audio

Set in the style of Terry Pratchett, the humor was great. It turns fantasy cliches on their head.” The Qwillery


“The lighthearted, dry and witty tone of the writing was only enhanced by Fife’s flawless delivery.” Derrick S – Chirp.

Quest Gave me the adventure I longed for. Thank you so much for being the author my imagination has been craving – Goodreads

“Fantasy humor with a Pythonesque flair” Guy Worthey, (Astrophysicist and author) Amazon

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Sylvalla faces an evil sorcerer over the pit of a cthulhu type kraken that is erupting from the deeps. 
A.J. Ponder audio book Prophecy, Narrated by Benjamin Fife


Yay! Omens is out completing the main series of The Sylvalla Chronicles.

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Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the prequels!

Sylvalla stands at the foot of a castle, facing a dragon.
A.J. Ponder audio book Quest, Narrated by Benjamin Fife

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After the death of her father, Princess Sylvalla swears revenge. An oath the wizards Capro and Jonathan fear will unleash terrible power. Sylvalla has no time for their prophecies, she must take up the mantle of Queen and save Avondale — but first she must survive the coronation.

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