Female Heroes … are for everyone

Ever come across the questions, “Why won’t men read female heroes?” & “Why don’t fantasy authors write strong female protagonists that men enjoy reading?”

It was a lamentation that I came across at the last World Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention. And my first thought was, what? Wait? My most ardent fans are male and aged 14+. This has to be wrong.

And, on closer reflection, it’s definitely wrong. Of course these stories exist. Some of the best and most famous ones are below. Truth is female heroes rock. And not just for female readers. In fact, I believe this misconception has little to do with authors. Or their audience. And that it has more to do with…well, here’s my article.

Discover some great, beloved female leads of science fiction and fantasy – sans a lot of romance. Not only are these great books, they’re some of the greatest. If you haven’t read them yet, don’t miss out.

Great Female Leads

More Great Female Heroes

Even More Great Female Lead Characters

A.J’s Sylvalla Chronicles

I hope you enjoyed that selection. And if you can think of any great books I’ve missed, I’d love to include them. I’m looking to promote great female led science fiction and fantasy. Books with little to no romance. Books that break conventions and expectations. Books that bring adventure and escape for a broad range of characters. I’m particularly looking forward to suggestions that include diverse characters and perspectives.

Female heroes
Tara Sword fighting

Thank you for joining me.

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