Catch the Science Bug with the Frankie Files

“An instant classroom favorite. The kids LOVE Frankie and want to know when there will be more books about her crazy inventions. It is fun watching them play out the stories and draw their versions Martie and Frankenclone. We’ve actually had a rash of baby Martie sightings lately~ I love it when a book piques their imagination!”

Creating Tomato Monsters project by young scientist
Creating Tomato Monsters project by young scientist

Are you ready for fun? Are you ready for monsters and mayhem (and a little science)? Then you’ll love this story about Frankie, a young inventor whose inventions always get her into Monster Trouble. It’s easy to catch the science bug with Frankie, and discover a whole world of magic.

Catch the Science Bug with Frankie - in two crazy fonts! :)

“It’s brilliant. I love every single thing about it. The science, the educational aspect, the humour, the sweetness… So easy to read and so fun… This is like the best thing I’ve read for kids since Dahl.”

Michelle Child.

Follow Frankie through primary and intermediate school in her quest to become a famous inventor. Buy The Frankie Files at great NZ bookstores or your favourite online store:

Frankie’s Christmas LettersFrankie N Stein Aged 61/2

Dear Santa,

I’m really, really sorry, I didn’t mean to take the video of you getting stuck in the chimney last year. It just happened. I was hoping to take pictures of my brother stealing my present from under the Christmas tree, like he does every year.

And I’m extra sorry I put the clip up on YouTube…

I hope you enjoyed the preview.


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Happy reading,

And yes, Frankie has dyslexia, but that doesn’t define her. If you’re interested in science, invention and dyslexia, my thoughts are here.