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Epic Fantasy

I love epic fantasy adventure, and so when I wrote this trilogy I was drawing on some of the best fantasy authors there are, including Tolkien, Pratchett, Ursula Le Guin, Raymond E Feist, a smidge of Lovecraft and so many more.

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Young Jonathan Goodfellow and his father set out to rescue children from slavers with the help of the Bairnsley University underground. But a raiding party of thurgles – huge giant-like creatures – and their hellhounds get there first. Then the Bairnsley University wizards fail to arrive. Will the Goodfellows save the children? Or will Jonathan become a slave himself?

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Explore a Magic City

Wizard’s Guide to Wellington was my first novel, and is still my most popular book.

Mad Science

I love science. When I wrote for School Journal, I was always trying to sneak a little science into my stories. To find out more about these books, check out Miss Lionheart’s blog of dangerous science or view the video below.

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