Miss Lionheart and the Laboratory of Death


Warning: TOP SECRET!
Keep out! No Spies allowed.


Hijack yourself into mad scientists’ territory, duck the gelignite, avoid the Acme fuses. Do whatever you need to, just make sure you don’t miss out — it’s more than your life is worth.

Lilly’s bundled into Mr Big’s underground laboratory to create designer creatures – or die. She finds herself heading a team of misfits in charge of designing dreadbeasts – deadly giant snake spider hybrids. Can she make her squirrel-snake hybrid, and escape – before Mr Big kills them all?

A mad romp into the dangerous world of evil genius, super spies, and dangerous designer animals.“Mad, bad and dangerous to read.” E.G
The homework ate my dog. L.L.
A must read for all mad scientists, young and old.

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