Prophecy, book 2 of the Sylvalla Chronicles



A celebration of epic fantasy from award winning and USA TODAY Bestselling author, A.J. Ponder’s Prophecy is a read alone novel of power, vengeance, betrayal, and loss—and the second book in the much-loved epic saga The Sylvalla Chronicles

Princess Sylvalla has faced dragons, proven herself a hero, and accidentally kidnapped a king. And that kidnapping thing is about to become a problem.

Fuming over the indignity of being taken as a hostage, King Phetero seeks out ancient evil and coerces the infamous wizard Dothie into helping him destroy his nemesis, the feisty Sylvalla and her Kingdom of Avondale.

Sylvalla fights back with everything she has, but with her father dead and her kingdom under siege she yearns for the days when dragons were the only things she had to worry about.

Worse, the two wizards, Jonathan and Capro insist Sylvalla abandon Avondale and her family in a desperate bid to save the Seven Kingdoms, and all because of a crazy prophecy from a half-mad prophetess.

Grab your copy of classic fantasy adventure with a twist, by multi-award winning and USA TODAY bestselling author, A.J. Ponder.


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