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The Secret Child
Free Book - The Secret Child
A.J. Ponder
With Characters; Sylvalla, Amarinda, Torri, Mr Goodfellow & Jonathan Goodfellow
The Secret Child

A short story:

Discover how a young Jonathan managed to save the life of “the secret child” by braving slavers and allowing himself to be captured.

Read The Secret Child today! The fate of the world depends on it…

The Secret STory
Free Book - The Secret Story
A.J. Ponder
With characters; Sylvalla, Amarinda, Torri, Mr Goodfellow & Granny Earwax
The Secret Story

Will Amarinda’s father survive the night? Will she get to dance with the prince? And who will be turned into a rat? Find out by reading this thrilling instalment of a not-quite Cinderella, whose closest thing to a Fairy godmother is, alas, old Granny Earwax.

Miss Lionheart
Free Book - Miss Lionheart and the Laboratory of Death
Young Adult
A.J. Ponder
Miss Lionheart and the Laboratory of Death

Lilly’s bundled into Mr Big’s underground laboratory to create designer creatures – or die. She finds herself heading a team of misfits in charge of designing dreadbeasts – deadly giant snake spider hybrids. Somehow, she must create her squirrel-snake hybrid, and escape before Mr Big kills them all.

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