The Frankie Files Book Review from young inventor/scientist

tomato MonstersAn impressive young scientist’s review of The Frankie files.  (opposite)

It’s a real privilege to get children excited about science, and it’s an amazing experiment. I can’t wait to see how it works out. Is our intrepid scientist going to have lots of tomato monsters? Or maybe some monster tomatoes?

Maybe it will end in failure, but some of the most successful experiments have been failures, that’s how penicillin was discovered.

Making a Tomato Monster

An experiment with a result you don’t like can often be as – if not more – important than one that works as expected.

So, record your results, and note any observations (things you see or think) in your conclusions. Is there anything you’d advise people to do differently next time? …

Some questions to ask yourself are: Is the experiment your own, or someone elses? Did you miss anything out? Is the original experimenter right or wrong? Did they miss something that might be important? Have other people been able to replicate (copy) the experiment with the same results?

Good luck, and have fun. Remember science isn’t about “winning” it’s about finding the answers! 🙂

The Frankie Files is published by Phantom Feather Press (phantomfeatherpress(at) and is available at Rona Gallery and Amazon. Or ask for it at your local bookstore or library.

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