Hey Watcha Lookin’ At?


That’s a Troll joke – and of course the answer in this case is “dawn” but on a more serious note trolls are currently plaguing Te Papa, and the amount of magical activity going on in Wellington has been astounding.  Since I went off on a bit of a walk-about my live-author (that is the opposite of a ghost writer) has been kidnapped by Orcs – I hope she returns soon because I hear her books are now available in Wellington bookstores including  Rona Gallery and Bookshop, The Children’s Bookshop and Unity.  So I guess you could get your copy before Christmas – although it doesn’t seem right – unless you are magic?  You are not magic are you?  If you are maybe if you are you could help find the author, now that I have decided I want the books, and I want a book launch, how can I get a proper book launch without an author?

So please find my live-author for me, or I will have to find another one,


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