On the Eve of the 2021 Wright-Murray Residency

A lovely walk around the Mount with Lee Murray, was a great start to The Wright-Murray Residency.

We talked about writing and superheroes and how to save the earth. I mean what else could be more important?

And so the story epic begins.

Will I finish the first book in my epic fae series so I can tuck it aside for next year and start completing the next one? I hope so, because I think I need at least two ready to go before publishing, just to iron out the larger plot.

For now, most of my problems are from a certain scene-stealing fae who decided this book was about them.

Lee Murray and A.J. Ponder at The Mount, on a little bit of a wharf overlooking Tauranga harbour.

Lee Murray and myself yesterday, walking around the Mount. Tomorrow, the weather is supposed to be terrible, so I’ll post this morning’s misty shots of Ōmokoroa beach, then.

Still, I can hardly complain, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and FaerLand is also taking a fair amount of time (excuse the pun). And things are happening. FaerLand itself is becoming more real. And more magical. And filled with loss and betrayal.

So here I am on the eve of all things fae—alright, maybe mid afternoon, but eve sounds better, and hopefully of finishing this book—so wish me luck. 🙂

I would like to thank Lee Murray and the Wright Family Foundation for this opportunity, and now to work!


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