Astrid’s August Fantasy Fair

USA Today Bestselling Author, Astrid V.J. invites you to check out some of her favorite indie fantasy books. Each day, she will showcase one author and a book of their choice from a whole range of fantasy subgenres, and what’s more, many of these books will be 99c or even FREE at some point during the month of August.

Check out the books that are on sale today!

Lots of great books will be featured throughout the month on Instagram: @astrid.v.j_author_official See more below! (Including when I think they’re on sale for 99c Amazon Aff links)

August 1: Sowing by @angiesquill
August 2: The Dragonriders of Fiorenza Omnibus by @allthelittlebirdies
August 3: Immortal Voices by @author_joholloway
August 4: The Girl of Dorcha Wood by @kristin_ward_author
August 5: The Donkey, the Stablehand and the Empire by @minds_press
August 6: Scarlet Princess by @mahleandmadison
August 7: The Never Mage by @ajsteffort
August 8: Reign of Shadows by @angelhaze7
August 9: Inked by @authorrachelrener
August 10: A Force of Nature by @janna_ruth
August 11: Divinity’s Twilight: Rebirth by @christopher_russell_author
August 12: Hills of Heather and Bone by @k.e.andrews
August 13: Half Sword by @cbmatson

Astrid's August Fantasy Fair showing sepia book and butterflies
With the books:
Magic Today, Deaththorn, Healers Blade, Bewilderness, Simple Delivery, A Dream So Wicked, Runelight,& Sedendum,

August 14: Madelyn of the Sky by @dawnsbrookpress
August 15: Into Faerland by @a.j.ponder
August 16: Night’s Reign by @katzdaan
August 17: Bound by Dragons by @alishaklapheke
August 18: Serpentine Throne set by @susanstradiotto_author
August 19: Magic Today by @authorannamccluskey
August 20: Deathborn by @cepageauthor
August 21: Runelight by @jaandrewsbooks
August 22: Healer’s Blade by @authorkyriew
August 23: Bewilderness: Book 1 by @kevincoxauthor
August 24: The Winter Souls series by Jennifer Kropf
August 25: For Evergreens and Aspen Trees by @authorallorensen
August 26: The Simple Delivery by @authorandyc
August 27: A Dream so Wicked by @tessonja
August 28: Sedendum by @houseofberge
August 29: Powerless by Brent Miller

Astrid's August Fantasy Fair showing sepia book and butterflies
With the books:
Sowing, Florenza, The Girl in Dorcia Wood, Inked, A Donkey a Stablehand and an Empire, Never Mage, Reign of Shadows, A Force of Nature, Powerless

Check out the books that are already on sale today!

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